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The Shop

As a little girl, Carrie remembers the wonders of her Dad's grocery store. Watching "Carry Outs," taking paper sacks of delicious delectables to customers,  enjoying a fresh  bottle of  soda and having  that wonderful HOMETOWN PROUD feeling.  There were so many wonderful feelings watching all the hours her father spent serving others.

  In college, Carrie majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management, learning how to prepare foods and marketing. Soon, she discovered specializing was more appealing to her creative talents.   



The Players

It's said a family that works, eats, and prays together stays together.  Popp'n on Maine is truly a family affair.  While Carrie is the master chef and creator of all the new flavors, husband Brian brings the business expertise alongside Carrie's catch-phrases you'll find on products all over the store and brilliant marketing skills makes fun for all.

However, it's not just the parents who are involved in this adventure.  Being  family owned and operated runs all the way down to the next generation.  Wanting to equip them with real life work skills in areas that interest them, the McKinney's are teaching their kids business skills many entrepreneurs struggle to learn.  

College student Ragar, loves everything, so Mom and Pop put him to work behind the scenes, ordering, checking and delivery.  Ragar's favorite flavor is the "Maine Mix."

Rylie, a senior, brings creativity and a definite work ethic. She helps prepare the popcorn, and uses her artistic abilities throughout the Shop!  Rylie's favorite flavor is "Sour Blue Raspberry."

Ryan, who is 13, is great in math and quite the gamer!  He enjoys greeting our customers with his amazing smile and loves talking sports to all.  His favorite flavor is "Salted Caramel Mocha."

Renzie, Brian and Carrie's youngest is the Pop in Popp'n.  She keeps all the family Hopp'n.  Her favorite flavor is "Movie."


We are the McKinney's!  We took this leap of faith on December 1, 2019.  We are Hometown proud owners of this unique popcorn shop and are here to serve you!  We have lots to offer and for every occasion.  Come meet us! We are the little building on Maine with the big yellow awnings.


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